Our People

Our public sector clients enjoy access to a highly specialised and experienced team who thoroughly understand the public sector environment and the risks that the sector deals with on a day-to-day basis. Collectively our people have over 100 years of specialist public sector advisory and audit experience in: Probity Services, Specialist Internal Audits, Procurement Assurance Services, and IQA/Project Assurance.

Contact our people directly or email us on info@mchalegroup.co.nz if you require further information or assistance in any of our specialist assurance areas.

Shaun McHale

Managing Director
DDI: (04) 496 5580

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Bill Inglis

DDI: (04) 496 5583

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Minnie Prakash

Senior Assurance Manager
DDI: (04) 496 5588

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Roy Tiffin

External Quality Assurance
Tel: (04) 496 5580

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Bruce Mcniven

Assurance Support Manager
DDI: (04) 974 8417

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