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In today’s world, it’s more important than ever that your tendering and procurement processes and major programmes and projects meet the highest standards of public sector probity. That means covering all the bases, from guaranteeing impartiality, transparency and confidentiality to ensuring accountability, mitigating conflicts of interest and delivering best value for money. We do this through probity audits, probity assurance and probity advice.

Get it right, and you’ll minimise the risks of legal challenges, Official Information Act requests and Audit Office inquiries. You’ll also demonstrate to potential suppliers (and auditors) your commitment to being fair, honest, respectful and ethical in everything you do. They’ll have confidence in your trustworthiness and the way you manage and spend public money – which in turn will enhance your agency’s reputation in the marketplace.

Need an independent perspective?
McHale Group specialises in helping public sector agencies like yours to check for and implement best practice probity at every step of the tendering and procurement process.

Why choose us?
McHale Group offers a rare combination of independence, technical expertise, qualifications and experience in major, significant and complex public procurements.

We’ve audited more than 900 tendering and procurement processes, projects and programmes, covering public infrastructure, construction, syndicated and all of government contracts, ICT, professional services alliances and public-private partnerships. Talk to us today; we can help you to make probity an integral part of your procurement and tendering process.

Benefits for your organisation:

  • Independence: You’ll get unbiased assessments and audits from probity specialists experienced in working with New Zealand public sector agencies.
  • Practical advice: We’ll provide you with astute, straightforward advice and solutions on managing the probity risks and challenges of your procurement processes.
  • Handy tools and templates: We’ll provide a range of useful and unique resources to help you manage your processes and procurements well into the future.
  • Compliance: with Government Rules of Sourcing, Audit Office guidelines and best probity practices.
  • Member of: All of Government Panel for Audit and Assurance Services.
  • McHale Probity Confirmation™

Probity Services

Probity Audits, Probity Assurance, Probity Advice, Probity Investigations, McHale Probity Confirmation® process unique to our public sector clients.

Do your tender processes
meet best probity practice?

Are you successfully
managing probity risks?

Will your processes survive
rigorous outside scrutiny
– even the media spotlight?

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