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Procurement Practice

Public Sector procurement and contract management processes are increasingly under scrutiny, with calls for greater efficiency, more accountability, and above all, demonstrated value for money in the way taxpayer/ratepayer dollars are spent.

Are you confident that your procurement approach is meeting these demands? That your tender and contracting processes are based on robust and well researched information, and consider and manage all the potential risks? That you provide a fair, open and competitive procurement environment for existing and potential suppliers?

Improve your approach, with independent information and expertise
McHale Group assurance can help you to incorporate sound planning, good-quality information and meticulous record-keeping at every step of your procurement process. This means reviewing and audting:

  • your strategic procurement processes and plans
  • your compliance with Government and OAG rules and guidelines
  • your procurement risks and opportunities
  • the most suitable procurement routes to market
  • ways to track and review the size and nature of your contracts, as well as suppliers’  compliance with your contract requirements
  • your contract management practices

In turn your organisation will benefit from improved staff and stakeholder buy-in and more informed supplier responses to tenders – with ongoing gains through receiving products and services that meet your detailed financial and performance specifications.

Why choose us?
McHale Group offers an independent, unbiased service and extensive experience in helping public sector agencies to assess and improve their procurement and contract management practices. For more information, contact us today.

Benefits for your organisation:

  • Professionalism: You can be confident that your procurement approach and processes meet best practice standards for New Zealand public sector organisations.
  • Credibility: Your suppliers, auditors and other stakeholders will have confidence that your processes are robust, fair and ethical and that your decisions are informed by sound market and vendor analysis.
  • Reassurance: You’ll have the tools and information you need to find solutions to your procurement challenges.
  • Compliance: Confidence that your processes verification accord with Government sourcing rules and audit expectations and guidelines.
  • Proven solutions: Our approach has been tested and proven in a wide range of public sector organisations, utilised by procurement teams and internal auditors.
  • Compliance Verification: Confidence that your processes accord with Government Sourcing Rules and audit expectations and guidelines.

Are your procurement  and contract management processes as good as they could be?

Do suppliers understand and respond to your requirements?

Are you compliant with Government Rules of Sourcing?

Would your paper/electronic records trail survive an independent audit?

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