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Procurement Policy

Robust, high-quality policies and procedures are the backbone of good procurement and tendering practice – especially when the people who use them find them relevant, practical and easy to apply. Make them too simple and they might not withstand external scrutiny; make them too complex and non-compliance could undermine everything you’re setting out to do.

Introduce best practice to your organisation

If you’re committed to ensuring effective procurement and tendering processes in your organisation, talk to McHale Group about our recently updated Public Sector Model Procurement Policy and Procedures Manual.

Developed by experts and widely endorsed by over 50 public sector agencies throughout New Zealand, the Manual is a comprehensive set of policies, procedures and templates that will help you to manage your procurement and contract management processes – as well as the potential risks and challenges along the way.

Topics covered include:

  • managing the end to end procurement process
  • developing business cases and procurement plans
  • conflict of interest declarations
  • developing requirements with suppliers
  • choosing the right tender process and the tender documentation
  • the process for making recommendations to shortlist and select
  • contract management.

The Manual also includes an extensive range of tools, templates and checklists
that you can use to:

  • track your procurement process
  • develop tender documentation (including templates for RFTs and RFIs)
  • evaluate tenders
  • correspond with tenderers
  • manage your contracts (including supplier reviews and contract variations)
  • manage gifts and hospitality (forms and registers).

Benefits for your organisation:

  • Simplicity: The Manual is available as an electronic package that can be easily adopted and tailored to your procurement environment.
  • Fully integrated: Included are pre-drafted policy and procedural guidelines, as well as templates and guidelines that link seamlessly with the Government Model and mandated procurement templates.
  • Resource friendly: You’ll save significant time, money and effort preparing (and getting professional help in preparing) your policies and key procurement documents.
  • Usability: Written in plain English, with clear instructions for use, the Manual is suitable for everyone, regardless of their level of procurement expertise.
  • Depth: The Manual provides a comprehensive, one-stop shop for all procurement and contract management policies, procedures and templates.
  • Compliance: It ensures compliance with The Government Rules of Sourcing and current mandated templates and the Audit Office Procurement guidelines.
  • Flexibility: The Manual can be used by Public Sector organisations that are covered by the Whole of Government direction, as well as those that are not e.g. Local Government.

A wise investment
McHale Group has many years’ experience in developing model procurement policies, procedures, tools and templates for public sector organisations.

The Public Sector Model Procurement Policy and Procedures Manual complements our flagship probity assurance services, and represents excellent value. To find out more and place your order, simply contact us today.

Are your procurement and tendering policies and procedures accurate and up to date?

Do they meet public sector standards, rules and guidelines?

Do your staff and consultants find them easy to understand and apply?

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