IQA/Project Assurance

Project Assurance

In an environment in which public sector agencies are required to deliver ever-higher standards of efficiency, value and accountability, it’s vital that major projects are completed on time, on budget and to a high standard.

Given the often considerable pressures to perform, it can be easy to cut corners and lose track of the details – putting your projects at risk of inadequate governance and financial management, ineffective risk management and poor-quality communications.

How can you ensure best practice project management and governance in your organisation, every time?

Get a project health check from independent specialists
Providing an objective set of ‘eyes and ears’, McHale Group will assure your projects while they’re happening – testing them either at specific points in the schedule or throughout the project lifecycle. Along the way we’ll identify and make practical recommendations on opportunities for improvement, providing you with confidence that your projects are on track and meet public sector and international best practice.

Our review will covers areas such as:

  • the strategic alignment of your business direction, objectives and support
  • your accountability framework, including people’s roles and responsibilities
  • project governance
  • management operations
  • project processes and policies
  • project management in relation to scope, time, cost, quality, procurement/contracting, risk, communications, performance, benefits and stakeholders
  • business case and other key documentation, checking for quality, accuracy and completeness.

As part of our service we’ll also provide you with a suite of useful tools and templates so that you continue to get the benefits long into the future.

Why choose us?
McHale Group’s IQA/Project Assurance specialists bring to your organisation extensive knowledge and experience gained in New Zealand and internationally, in areas as diverse as organisational change, infrastructure, public-private partnerships and information and communications technology.

Using proven IQA/Project Assurance methodologies tailored to New Zealand’s public sector, we’ll help you to ensure excellence at every step of your project schedule. For more information, contact us today.

Benefits for your organisation:

  • Confidence and reassurance: You and your stakeholders will know your projects are proceeding smoothly and as planned.
  • Risk management: You’ll mitigate the project risks associated with time, cost, scope, quality and business benefits.
  • Proven solutions: Our approach has been tested and proven in a wide range of public sector projects.
  • Treasury Gateway Reviewer: Accredited Specialist.
  • Member of: All of Government and GCIO Audit and Assurance Panels.

Are your projects delivered
on time, and to budget?

Are you getting the results
you’re looking for?

Will your projects survive external scrutiny, including from the media?

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