Robert Buchanan

External Probity Counsel
Tel: (04) 496 5580

Robert was the Assistant Auditor-General (Legal) at the OAG (1998-2006), and now runs his own legal practice in Wellington. Throughout the life of major procurement processes, the provision of probity assurance can often dovetail with related legal issues. We have found that working with a specialist, external lawyer in these areas further enhances the quality of the probity service that we can offer to our clients.

Robert’s career highlights include:

  • Involvement in the development of key public sector probity and procurement standards
  • Senior responsibility for major procurement probity inquiries conducted by the OAG 1998-2006
  • Between 1998-2006, OAG’s legal advisor on probity audits and other reviews of public sector procurement processes
  • Since 2006 through his legal practice, independent probity and procurement advisor to a range of public entities, including on several major infrastructure-related projects
  • Robert and Shaun McHale have also worked together on a variety of client-related probity issues, both during and since their respective times at the OAG and Audit New Zealand.