Specialist Internal Audit

The in-house capability and capacity of public sector internal audit/risk assurance teams is currently being stretched to the maximum. There is high demand for increasingly specialist audit services to provide assurance to audit committees and Chief Internal Auditors in respect of complex risks.

Why choose us
We have a proven track record of supplying specialist skills to chief internal auditors. We work alongside, in partnership, with your internal audit team, as our track record demonstrates.

Specialist skills
We have deep skills and a track record in niche, specialist internal audit areas:

  • Probity audits, reviews and investigations
  • Procurement and contract management audits and reviews
  • Independent Quality Assurance (IQA) and audits of IT, capital and organisational change projects
  • Governance, sensitive expenditure, efficiency and effectiveness audits
  • Operational and value for money audits
  • Specialist input and advice to your audit plans and programmes of work.

McHale Group only works for public sector organisations. We value our true independence.

Benefits for your organisation:

  • Independence: You’ll get access to the best niche audit specialists experienced in working with New Zealand public sector agencies.
  • Practical advice: We’ll provide you with astute, straightforward advice, solutions and recommendations that are improvement-focussed and can be integrated into your reporting framework.
  • Handy tools and templates: We’ll provide a range of useful and unique resources to help you illustrate your audit findings and to gain greater impact in your audit reporting.

Are you looking to partner with a specialist assurance provider?

Would your organisation benefit from accessing probity, contract management and project audit skills?

Does your IA programme focus on procurement and contract management risks?

To find out more, please email us on info@mchalegroup.co.nz